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30-Sep-2017 05:35

The Open Charge Map project is an open source database with a public API for sharing and distributing charging location information globally.

Information in this system is gathered both manually and automatically from a variety of data sources.

Q: I live in an older building and my apartment doesn’t have enough electrical outlets.

Isn’t the owner required to add more or update the system? A property owner is normally required to keep a place “fit and habitable,” which is defined in most places by state law and sometimes honed by county, city, village or town laws as well.

Plug Surfing is merging static and realtime availability charging station information and crowd sources information through mobile apps and other devices.

This way Plug Surfing responds to the needs of the electric driver.

As of December 2016 and provides free data and information to users and providers regarding stations all around the world.

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The Plug Surfing community is a community based charging station locator.Plugging into a single telephone jack, several extensions can be added to the line by merely plugging into an electrical outlet with sufficient room for the charger base nearby.Check your local appliance store or online for choice of features and prices.Contact your landlord and try to reach a mutually agreeable plan that leaves everyone feeling energized.

Be sure to get the understanding in writing with your landlord, which should spell out who will do the work and the cost of the job before work is authorized.

An exception may involve the installation of a ground-fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI, outlets.